We know the cost of a small business lawyer is important to you

Cost is one of the biggest questions when an entrepreneur, small business, independent contractor, freelancer or an employee needs to hire a lawyer. This is why we offer our services at a flat fee.  Whereas a traditional firm will charge an upfront retainer and then by the hour, at NextGen Counsel we don’t charge upfront retainers and you know exactly how much it’s going to cost you. 


Our firm

  • Bills one flat fee
  • No upfront retainer fee
  • Flat fees remove the worry over what every phone call or email will cost you 
  • We provide you with a scope of work and what it will cost you. No uncertainty at all!
  • There are some instance where we may need to bill by the hour. For those clients, we charge a competitive hourly rate. 

Traditional Law Firms

  • Bills hourly
  • Upfront retainer fee
  • Hourly billing causes stress over the cost each time you communicate with your attorney
  • Uncertainty over what your bill will cost once the work is completed

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